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Updates found with 'dedication'

Priyanka Maji: An Inspirational Story Passion is a very overlooked quality. Working on your craft for days and days with blinders on requires a very superior amount of dedication. Priyanka paints a clear picture of how important passion can be. She works a 9 hour shift at Dominos from noon to 10 at night. Prior to that, she puts in 3 hours of serious practice in hopes of mastering her sport; all this at the age of 22. She began rifle shooting four years ago with the NCC in Asansol, West Bengal. She received several accolades including a Bronze medal in her first All India NCC Inter Directorate Shooting Championship. While everything was going well she was challenged with a major obstacle. The thing about these obstacles is that they have the rightful authority to make or break a person. In Priyanka’s case, the obstacle not only made sure she came back stronger but also made her a very mature young adult. A young adult who has a mind open enough to dream big and a heart strong enough to work all out to achieve that dream. She is a rare concoction of the dreamers and the hard workers. Coming back to the obstacle; she could no longer practice shooting with NCC. Seeking a solution, Priyanka joined a private Shooting Club; however, the club had no Shooting Equipment and Rifle to support her. She didn’t give up though! With the support of her family, Priyanka decided to join the Gun for Glory (GFG) Shooting Academy, Pune: A decision that changed her life forever. To support her dream of shooting, Priyanka started working at Domino’s. It might not sound like much, but at her age, children are still testing their luck with the world. On the other hand, Priyanka has a goal in her mind and is willing to do anything to achieve this goal. When you are as focused as her, distractions rarely disrupt your routine. At GFG, Priyanka’s score has been steadily rising and she expects a Gold medal at the next National Competition. What’s more? She doesn’t have to worry about a weapon or a good coach anymore!
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