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Gun for Glory shooting academy provides training in the Olympic Sport of Rifle and Pistol Shooting.The training provided encompasses a wide range of student audience. GFG provided training to amateurs and beginners as well as shooters at the National and International level including Olympians.

GFG has for the first time in India introduced a curriculum based shooting training program for the sport of shooting. This curriculum has been designed by our eminent panel of international shooting coaches and the directors Mr Gagan Narang and Mr Pawan Kumar Singh. This unique curriculum based shooting training ensures that the student gets a comprehensive training experience right from the first day and the shooter gets to learn and practice the correct techniques, thus building a very strong foundation for his or her shooting career.



Introductory Course

-Introduction of Sport of Shooting.

-The conceptualization of the course has been entirely done by our foreign coaches    having an experience of 40 years with 10 different countries.

-Specialized training has been provided to each coach to deliver the
program as per the designed elements.

-All Students are trained at the state of the art Olympic Facility Shooting range.

-All basic techniques of Shooting covered.


First Shot (Air Weapon)

Course Duration :
6 Days (Mon To Sun) Thursday Off   
Timing : – 9.00 am To 11.00 am
4.00 pm To 6.00 pm (Daily 2 hrs)
Weekend Batch : – (Sat,Sun)
11:00 am to 2:00 pm, (Daily 3 Hrs)


First Pull (Shotgun)

Course Duration :

5 Days (Mon To Sat) Thursday Off

Timing : 10.00 am To 12.00 pm (Daily 2 hrs)

Weekend Batch : – (Sat,Sun)Timing : 10.00 am To 12.00 pm

Practical & Simulator training provided.



First Boom (.22 Pistol)

Course Duration :

5 Days (Mon To Sat) Thursday Off

Timing : – 9.00 am To 11.00 am

2.00 pm to 4.00 pm (Daily 2 hrs)

Specialization for either Sports Pistol or Free Pistol.


–Crash Courses–

Shooting training courses for advanced shooters

We have crash courses for shooters who wish to enhance their skills and correct/improve their techniques

Crash courses are for 5 day, 10 days,15 days, 20 Days, 25 Days and 30 Days duration

Crash courses are conducted by both, Indian and Foreign coaches


Rifle shooting training for amateurs: Duration 01 Hr

GFG conducts a unique “Talent Search Program” for amateurs. The Shooting enthusiasts can walk in to the Gun for Glory Shooting academy and enroll for the same. The applicant is provided with a brief safety course and then is given an opportunity to shoot. The shooting is conducted under the expert guidance of the academy coaches. This gives the applicant a first hand experience of shooting with a imported Air weapon and decide whether they want to pursue the Olympic sport of Rifle/Pistol shooting.


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