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Project LEAP LEAP is a unique multi phased project designed for Indian shooters to facilitate improved performance at National & International Level. The project will help the selected shooters to take a leap in various parameters of performance i.e. Technical, Physical & Mental aspects of the sport The core objective of the program is to improve the performance of the Shooters. The program will specifically delve into the details of the various performance attributes involved for a sustained high level performance of the Shooters. LEAP is expected to inspire shooters to understand the virtue of pre-eminence and become part of a culture of striving for excellence. Selection Shooters from the Junior and Youth Category who have participated in the Nationals and qualified for Selection Trials were considered for the programme; however, shooters with a proven track record and recommendation by coaches were also being given an opportunity to be part of the selection process. The selection process was done after stages of screening and assessment through various Metacognative, Neurocognitive, Physical tests and two back to back matches. A combination of results from the tests and the scores in the matches formed the basis of the selection of the final shooters for the project. A team of 12 rifle shooters and 10 Pistol shooters got selected through the robust selection process for the program for the first year. This is an ongoing programme till 2024 and weeding out and further selection is to be carried out on an annual basis as per assessments and evaluations. Training Selected participants will undergo a specially designed coaching curriculum under the International coaches, mental and physical trainers with five separate camps conducted for the Rifle and Pistol Shooters separately for duration of 12 days each. These camps focus will be on specific improvement areas like Technique, Body Balance & Position, Endurance & Stress, as well as competition preparation. In between the camps, shooters would return to their respective GFG home ranges and follow the program given by the foreign coaches under the mentorship of the senior coaches in the team and monitored via GFG software and Athlete Monitoring System. Dietary supervision will also be carried out and shooters will be educated about diet chart and well informed choices will be suggested as per individual life style. A Performance Manager is to oversee the progress of the shooters as well as the project in entirety. The programme will also initiate self-monitoring aspect educating shooters plan career/long term sport options, increased knowledge on hydration and nutrition, focus on preparation for different environments, refine injury prevention, rest and recovery strategies, promote ongoing personal development and focus on integration of sport, career and life goals addressing economic and independence issues by developing integrated support network/structure. The monitoring process reflected in this project involves the assessment of implementation of six core capacities Mental strength Endurance Score Physical fitness Up-gradation and fine tuning of the technical skills Physiological aspects
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